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Sector on work with citizen entities

Head of the Sector 

Natalia Sergeevna Onika

office: 320  tel.: 200 44 73


Chief specialist - Ludmila Leonidovna Gaydukevich
office: 320  tel.: 200 35 15

Major tasks:

• organization of the work on the citizens’ reception, registration and citizens’ applications delivery to higher authorities of the Ministry and specialists of the Ministry;

• study, analysis and generalization of the registered proposals, applications and complaints of the citizens;

• organization of the work with documents, control over adherence to a unique procedure of the office work, improvement of the system control over the execution of the citizens’ applications;

• control over the execution of the orders and instructions from the higher governmental authorities and the Ministry of Health by the boards and departments of the Ministry;

• methodical and consultative assistance to health care institutions of the Ministry of Health as regards the examination of the citizens’ applications;

• written and computer registration, storage of the citizens’ applications and completed files;

• selection and preparation of files for submission to the state archives.

In accordance with the set tasks the Sector performs the following functions:

• controls the timely execution of the documents, decisions of the higher governmental authorities, orders, given by the Ministry during the reception of citizens, analyzes and summarizes data on their performance;

• organizes the work with the citizens’ proposals, applications and complaints at the Ministry;

• ensures prompt, timely and qualitative examination of the citizens’ applications;

• organizes the reception of the citizens on private business by the authorities of the Ministry;

• in case of the delayed execution of the applications, demands presenting information on the reasons for delaying their execution within the fixed period, from the Heads of the Departments of the Ministry;

• takes measures to reduce the documents circulation, time of the documents execution;

• weekly presents information concerning the work with the citizens’ applications  and the execution of  the documents under control to the Head of the Board on Information Technologies and Office Work;

• controls the timeliness of the citizens’ applications examination, entered in the Book on comments and proposals of the Ministry;

• analyzes and summarizes the registered applications, prepares the monthly, quarterly, annual reports, analytical and reference materials;

• corresponds with the governmental authorities as regards matters falling within the competence of the Sector.

In its activity the Sector is governed by the following legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus:

• Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Applications of Citizens"

• Decree No 2 of January 14, 2005 of the President of the Republic of Belarus “On Improvement of the Work with the Population";

• Decree No 498 of October 15, 2007 of the President of the Republic of Belarus "On Additional Measures Concerning the Work with Applications of Citizens and Legal Entities";

• Directive of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 2 of December 27, 2006 "On Measures for Further Debureaucratization of the State Machinery";

• Regulation of the Ministry of Health No 51 of March 17, 2008, "On approval of Instruction on the Procedure for Examination of Applications of Citizens and Legal Entities at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and Its Subordinate State Institutions".