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Department of Specialized Medical Care

Deputy Head of the Board – Head of the Department

Tatiana Fedorovna Migal

office: 740 tel.: 222 70 87 


Chief narcologist - Ivan Ivanovich Konorazov
office: 730 tel.: 222 66 97 

Chief surgeon - Sergey Vladimirovich Zaretskiy
office: 732 tel.: 222 65 26 

Consultant - Zhanna Ivanovna Yeremeeva
office: 737 tel.: 200 47 61

Chief specialist - Tatiana Valeryevna Yasyulya
office: 734 tel.: 222 67 63 

Chief specialist - Victoria Petrovna Voitekhovich
office: 737 tel.: 222 65 97


Major tasks:

• organization of the accessible medical care (cardiological, oncological, endocrinological, gastroenterological, phthisiological, stomatological, surgical, psychiatric, rheumatological, etc) rendered to the population of the Republic at outpatient and inpatient health care institutions in volume, stipulated by the Clinical Protocols on Diagnosis and Treatment;

• ensuring an optimum correlation in the work of physicians at inpatient health care institutions and physicians-specialists at various levels of rendering medical care;

• strategy determination for the development of specialized medical care;

• organization and improving medical care on the basis of the selection and introduction of more rational model on the organization of medical care, efficient allocation and use of health care resources;

• optimization of beds capacity and volumes of rendering specialized medical care  based on health indicators of the population;

• organization of the prophylactic work aimed at the diseases prevention and healthy life style promotion;

• organization and coordination of the work in the field of medical expert examination and rehabilitation;

• organization of the efficient use of human resources for health, finance resources, medicines as well as medical supplies and medical equipment;

• application of the new efficient methods of diagnosis and treatment.

In accordance with the set tasks the Department performs the following functions:

• ensures and develops the organizational-methodical guidance of health care institutions at all levels of rendering medical care;

• elaborates plans, programmes regarding the development of certain specialized services;

• evaluates the quality and efficiency rating of health care institutions work, practical application of new technologies in health care institutions;

• organizes and coordinates the work in the field of the unification of health care institutions activities, introduces an unified system of the control over health care institutions activities;

• controls health care institutions activities in the field of rendering specialized medical care at outpatient and inpatient institutions (provision, network development, profiling of beds capacity, its distribution  by the levels of intensity as regards diagnosis and treatment, stage-by stage development, succession,  establishment of the inter-district, regional and republican centers);

• performs the organization-methodical guidance of the work on specialized medical services, defines priorities of their development;

• evaluates the health status of the population of the Republic and demographic situation;

• participates in the organization of the purchase of  medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment; controls their expenditure;

• controls the implementation of the decisions of the Treatment-Control Council, collegiums of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus;

• elaborates the draft normative and other legal acts.