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Board on Economic Analysis and Development of Health

Head of the Board 

Elena Ivanovna Tkacheva

office: 861 tel.: 222 66 46, 222 65 72


The Department of Planning and Budget Financing as well as the Department of Norm-Setting and Wage Rate Fixing are included in the structure of the Board of Public Health Planning and Economy.

Major tasks:

• long-term and annual planning on the amount of needs and finances by Sections “Public Health”, “Education” and “Culture”;

• coordination of works on the financial provision of the target programmes in the field of public  health and their economic  justification;

• ensuring an optimum combination of the budget and market mechanisms of the branch financing;

• improvement of economic methods on public health management;

• coordination of works on all matters related to the organization of norm-setting and wage rate fixing for the personnel of the branch.

In accordance with the set  tasks the Board  performs the following functions:

• prepares the draft budget and financing of the target programmes within the system of the Ministry of Health and other consolidated budget materials;

• organize the performance of the indicators on the state budget as regards financing of the branch, alterations in the amount of financing of the institutions of the republican subordination  because of price changes and tariffs, etc.;

• analyze the economic indicators concerning the activity and financing of the branch;

• participates in the integrated auditing of the financial and economic activity concerning planning of expenditures, tariffing, established discipline;

• elaborates economic justification and organizes programme financing;

• generalizes the practice of the normative legal acts use in the sphere of economy;

• elaborates and submits proposals on improving legislation in prescribed manner;

• performs economic expert examination of the draft normative legal acts;

• elaborates economic justification on norms and standards for material-technical, medicines and manpower provision, food of patients, soft supplies  at the state health care institutions;

• organizes the study, summarization and dissemination of domestic and foreign experience concerning the organization of public health financing; elaborates and submits proposals on improving mechanisms of planning and financing of expenditures for health, application of the new economic management methods;

• organizes personnel training in economy;

• coordinates the work on improving norm-setting and wage rate fixing;

• considers in prescribed manner the applications of deputies, state structures, public (non-governmental) organizations, mass media and citizens regarding matters falling within the competence of the Board;

• elaborates the draft normative and other legal acts within its competence;

• reviews the organizational structure, staff standards, standardized staff, load norms, duration of working hours, leaves and other matters, related to norm-setting in the system of the Ministry.