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Pre-graduate internship

Pre-graduate internship is introduced in the sixth year of education as an individual profilisation form of higher medical education according to educational standards of higher education and standard education plans on the specialties.

By the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus dated 28.03.2014 under No. 314 on formation of field-oriented educational groups for pre-graduate internship the following profiles of the pre-graduate internship were specified:

- Surgery;
- Pediatric surgery;
- Obstetrics and gynaecology;
- Anaesthesiology and intensive care;
- Anaesthesiology and children's intensive care;
- Therapeutics;
- Pediatrics;
- Epidemiology;
- Hygiene.

Pre-graduate internship allows the students to have practical experience on the profile of the future profession.

Formation of the educational group by profiles of the pre-graduate internship is based on demand of the healthcare organizations of the Republic of Belarus for corresponding specialists and qualifications. The Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus annually confirms number of the students for the pre-graduate internship in the 6th year of education.

Students are enrolled into the pre-graduate internship on the competitive basis considering the total points calculated based on the average score of current certification for the prior period of study and additional points for participating in the research work, providing medical care to patients in the healthcare organizations, and public work of the students.

Composition of the educational groups by the profiles of the pre-graduate internship shall be approved by order of the head of the institution of higher medical education not later than one month preceding start of the academic year.

Field of the pre-graduate internship shall be considered during distribution of the graduates and corresponds to the field of internship training.

Belarusian State Medical University;
Vitebsk State Medical University ;
Gomel State Medical University;
Grodno  State Medical University.

Educational programs on subject of pre-graduate internship