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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


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Minsk Region

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Brest Region

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Vitebsk Region

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Gomel Region

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Grodno Region

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Mogilev Region

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Office for Economic Analysis and Health Care Development

Tkachova Alena

Office 861
Phone number: (017) 222‑66‑46

The Department comprises:

The main responsibilities of the Office are as follows:

  • providing the economic and financial basis for the health care system development in such fields as medical care improvement, training of medical personnel, scientific development and research;
  • long-term and annual planning of the amount of financial resources in "Healthcare", "Education", "Science", "Culture" and "National Defense";
  • assessment of the health care system economic performance and financing;
  • coordination of work on the financial support of targeted programs in the field of population health protection and their economic justification;
  • ensuring the optimal combination of budgetary and market financing mechanisms for the health care system;
  • improvement of economic health care management methods;
  • development of measures stimulating the rational use of financial and labor resources in the health care system;
  • coordination of work on all issues related to the organization, rationing, remuneration and material incentives for health care providers;
  • organization of work to improve the forms and systems of remuneration of health care system providers.

In accordance with the main responsibilities the Office performs the following functions:

  • preparation of prognostic and a draft budget for the Ministry (republican and local budgets) and other consolidated planning and financial materials for the annual, medium and long term perspective;
  • organization of the state budget indicators implementation  to finance the health care system, make changes in the financing amount of the republican subordination institutions due to changes in prices, tariffs, etc;
  • conducting continuous analysis of the financial situation, execution of budget estimates of funds managers,  use of planned assignments on income, expenses and extra-budgetary funds;
  • development of economic justification and organization of state programs financing in the field of health care;
  • development of economic justification for the norms and standards of material, technical, medicinal, staffing, patients nutrition and soft equipment in public health institutions;
  • organization of study, generalization and spread of domestic and foreign experience in the health care system economic development;
  • development and submission of proposals to improve the efficacy of the health care finance system, improvement of payment and material incentives for health care providers to ensure effective and equitable distribution of available health resources;
  • organization of the personnel economic training;
  • carrying out systematic work to improve the staffing standards of healthcare institutions, control over the correctness of making the staffing table of subordinate institutions in accordance with the law;
  • implementation of the organizational structure revision, staffing standards,  workload rates, working hours, vacations and other issues related to the organization and regulation of labor in the system of the Ministry in accordance with the established procedure;
  • coordination of the activities to improve the organization, rationing and remuneration of health care providers in the Ministry system institutions;
  • generalization of the normative legal acts application practice in the field of economics. Development and submitting proposals to improve legislation in accordance with the established procedure;
  • conducting economic assessment of draft regulatory legal acts, preparing their financial and economic justification;
  • development of normative and other drafts of legal acts within the limits of its competence;
  • participation in carrying out comprehensive audits of financial and economic activities on planning costs, remuneration and staff discipline;
  • consideration of deputies, state bodies, public organizations, media and citizens appeals on issues attributed to the competence of the Office.

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