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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (MH RB)

Achievements of the Health Care System of the Republic of Belarus (1991-2011)


Since independence in 1991, the organizational structure of the health care system of the Republic of Belarus has not changed drastically.  The heath care system of the Republic of Belarus is regulated by the state. The private health care sector within the volume of the provided medical services amounts to about 7.0 %. The primary aim of the state health care policy of the Republic of Belarus is to create conditions for every person to exercise his right to health on the basis of the state guarantees.

Special attention is paid to the maternity and childhood protection. Free medical observation at the health care institutions, inpatient treatment during and after childbirth, as well as medical care and observation of the newborns are guaranteed to each pregnant woman. Therefore 100% of births in the country are attended by the skilled health personnel.

During the period 1991-2011 the infant mortality rate decreased more then 3-fold (up to 3.9 per 1000 live births) and it is the lowest one in the CIS countries.

In 2002 the natural population loss reached its maximum level (- 5.9) and it decreased to  - 2.8 in 2011. 

There is a positive tendency to an increase in life expectancy at birth (70.6 years in 2011).



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