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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


(017) 285-00-10

Minsk Region

(017) 517-20-25

Brest Region

(0162) 58-09-93

Vitebsk Region

(0212) 22-45-38

Gomel Region

(0232) 50-32-04

Grodno Region

(0152) 72-13-45

Mogilev Region

(0222) 32 23 42

Office for Specialized Medical Care

Deputy Head of the Head Office, Head
Sanukevich Tatiana

Office: 741
Phone number: (017) 222-70-87

The main responsibilities of the Office for Specialized Medical Care are:

  • to organize the affordable outpatient and inpatient specialized medical care provision  (cardiological, oncological, endocrinological, gastroenterological, phthisiatric, dental, surgical, psychiatric, rheumatological, etc.) to the population of the Republic of Belarus in the amount stipulated by the clinical protocols of examination and treatment;
  • to ensure an optimal balance between the activities of hospital and specialist doctors at various levels of medical care;
  • to determine the strategy for the development of specialized medical care; 
  • organization and improvement of the provision of medical care to the population of the Republic on the basis of the choice and implementation of the most rational model of medical care, rational distribution and use of health care resources;
  • to optimize bed capacity and extent of specialized medical care, taking into account indicators of the health status of the population;
  • to organize preventive work aimed at diseases prophylaxis, focused on a healthy lifestyle;
  • to organize and coordinate activities in the field of medical examination and rehabilitation;
  • to organize the rational use of medicines, medical devices and equipment as well as human and financial resources by healthcare institutions;
  • to introduce new effective methods of diagnosis and treatment.

In accordance with the assigned responsibilities, the Office for Specialized Medical Care performs the following functions:

  • provides and develops organizational and methodological guidance of healthcare organizations at all levels of medical care;
  • draws up plans, programs for the development of individual specialized services;
  • assesses the quality and efficiency of health care institutions, introduces new technologies to health care institutions;
  • organizes, coordinates the work in unification of health care institution activities, introduces a unified system of monitoring over the activities of health care institutions;
  • monitors the activities of healthcare institutions in the field of outpatient and inpatient specialized medical care provided to the population (provision, network development, profiling of beds and their distribution by levels of diagnostic and treatment intensity, stages, succession, organization of inter-district, regional, republican centers);
  • organizes methodological control of specialized medical service activities, determines priorities for their development;
  • assesses the demographic situation and the health status of the population;
  • participates in the organization of medicines, medical equipment and supplies procurement and monitors over their distribution;
  • monitors over the implementation of the decisions of medical and control Councils and Boards of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus;
  • draws up drafts of normative and other legal acts.

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