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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


(017) 285-00-10

Minsk Region

(017) 517-20-25

Brest Region

(0162) 58-09-93

Vitebsk Region

(0212) 22-45-38

Gomel Region

(0232) 50-32-04

Grodno Region

(0152) 72-13-45

Mogilev Region

(0222) 32 23 42

Sidarenka Viktar

Office: 843
Phone number: (017) 226‑42‑59

Our key responsibilities:

  1. supporting IT development in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  2. coordinating the implementation of innovative information technologies within the MOH system;
  3. implementing data protection measures within the MOH system.

In line with our key responsibilities, we perform the following functions:

  1. - developing regulations of the Republic of Belarus, concepts, programmes, guidelines on the IT development within the Ministry;
  2. preparing analytical and reference data on the IT development to be submitted to the meetings of the MOH panel;
  3. cooperating with relevant state administration bodies and other organizations to define the IT development agenda;
  4. coordinating the work on the timely delivery of state IT development programmes falling within our jurisdiction;
  5. managing and developing the local information network and servers of the Ministry and maintaining the information resources;
  6. analysing the changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on IT development and data protection and submitting, if necessary, proposals to the Ministry on regulatory and other legal acts on health care in Belarus;
  7. hosting events, coordinating and implementing measures on data security and technical means of data protection;
  8. holding meetings, working group seminars, etc. via videoconferencing;
  9. monitoring Internet access, including for the MOH officers, and coordinating the MOH activities on the implementation of Directive of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 1 d/d March 11, 2004 "On Improving Public Safety and Discipline";
  10. corresponding with state administration bodies and other organizations, setting up working groups (committees), holding meetings with high ranking experts on the issues within our competence;
  11. delivering other functions within our competence upon instructions from the Ministry in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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