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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


(017) 285-00-10

Minsk Region

(017) 517-20-25

Brest Region

(0162) 58-09-93

Vitebsk Region

(0212) 22-45-38

Gomel Region

(0232) 50-32-04

Grodno Region

(0152) 72-13-45

Mogilev Region

(0222) 32 23 42

Office for Methodology, Accounting and Reporting

Vysotskaya Lyudmila

Office: 864
Phone number: (017) 200-09-89

The main responsibilities of the Office are as follows:

  • implementation of organizational methodological guidance on accounting and reporting within budgetary state institutions, subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus;
  • development (or participation in the development) of industry regulations and instructions for accounting and forms of primary accounting documentation;
  • development and implementation of measures for the widespread use of progressive forms and methods of accounting, promoting their realization in the accounting practice of industry institutions;
  • development of the procedure for preparation and submission of periodic and annual financial statements by subordinate budgetary institutions;
  • exercising control over the status of accounting and reporting in the subordinate institutions;
  • organizing and holding events for preparing and advanced training of accountants for state budgetary institutions, subordinate to the Ministry of Health;
  • taking part in comprehensive inspections and audits;
  • acceptance of financial statements from subordinate budgetary institutions, preparation of consolidated statements and their submission to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus;
  • ensuring the execution of cost estimates, accounting and preparation of periodic and annual accounting and statistical reports for the central office of the Ministry of Health, centralized funds allocated to the Ministry to procure medical equipment, medical products, medicines etc.;
  • performing other tasks, stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

In its activities, the Office is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 12, 2013 No. 57-3 "On Accounting and Reporting" and other acts of legislation of the Republic of Belarus, internal labor instructions and the Regulation on the of Accounting and Reporting of the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

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