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Ministry of Health

(017) 222-70-80
Department of Health:


(017) 285-00-10

Minsk Region

(017) 517-20-25

Brest Region

(0162) 58-09-93

Vitebsk Region

(0212) 22-45-38

Gomel Region

(0232) 50-32-04

Grodno Region

(0152) 72-13-45

Mogilev Region

(0222) 32 23 42

Department of Legal Affairs

Babchanok Andrei

Office: 353
Phone number: (017) 200‑46‑90

Our key responsibilities:

  • ensuring that the public body and its officers comply with the legislation;
  • ensuring that draft regulations and other legal acts developed by the public body and submitted to the management for approval conform to the legislation and international treaties to which Belarus is a party;
  • preparing draft regulations and other legal acts within the public body jurisdiction;
  • providing legal consulting services to the public body officers and units on its key activities;
  • keeping records of the regulations adopted (issued) by the public body, working towards the establishment of a unified reference database in Belarus;
  • representing the public body before courts and other public bodies on legal issues.

In line with our responsibilities, we perform the following functions:

  • checking the legal validity of draft regulations and other legal acts developed by the public body and submitted to its management for approval;
  • submitting proposals on the elimination of factors and conditions that may cause a breach of law by the public body, and implementing them, when needed;
  • reviewing (in cooperation with other units) appeals (proposals, statements, complaints) from the public, including from individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, that point out a breach of law by the public body or subordinate (member) state bodies
  • participating, on behalf of the management, in reviewing the results of inspections of the public body, inventory counts and giving legal opinion on the violations identified;
  • providing organizational and technical support of the norm-making activities of the public body;
  • on behalf of the management and together with other units, analysing mass media publications (statements) on the legal aspects of the public body activities and submitting relevant proposals to the management;
  • developing recommendations as well as draft regulations to increase the efficiency of the legal activities of the public body;
  • jointly developing proposals to improve the public body management system and determine the rights and obligations of its units and officers;
  • hosting events to increase the legal competence of the personnel of subordinate bodies;
  • assisting the staff in finding relevant regulations and other legal acts on the public body activities and explaining them, if needed;
  • keeping systematized records, under the set requirements, of the legislation submitted to the public body as well as regulations adopted (issued) by the latter, keeping them up to date, including via electronic systems;
  • referring the legal acts of the public body that were prepared by the legal service to the National Centre of Legal Information of Belarus (except for legal acts for individual application) for them to be included in the National Registry of Legal Acts;
  • collecting, storing and processing other materials on the legal issues related to the work of the public body;
  • working to improve the regulatory base of the public body;
  • completing legal libraries with codes, handbooks, collections of texts, commentaries, bulletins and other legal periodicals;
  • offering subscription to legal periodicals;
  • preparing the required reference materials on the current legislation upon instructions from the management;
  • checking legal validity of agreements prepared by the units and submitted to the public body, and endorsing such agreements;
  • protecting the material and other rights of the public body during the review of claims made by or against the public body and assisting other units with the preparation of all necessary documents;
  • representing the public body before other public bodies on legal issues;
  • organizational and technical control of the legal activities of subordinate bodies;
  • checking the status of legal activities at subordinate or member bodies, including checking the validity of the executed and performed agreements, filing claims and suits, supervising the manner, time frame and quality of the review of claims against the body and other aspects.

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