Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

Gomel State Medical University

Gomel State Medical University
Address: 5 Lange Street, Gomel, Republic of Belarus
Contact information:
+375 232 74 31 28 - Dean`s office of the Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students (Russian and English-speaking service is available)
+375 232 74 97 61 - Department of clinical work and postgraduate studies
+375 232 74 95 87 - Postgraduate course Department
+375 232 74 41 21 - Rector`s reception
+375 232 74 98 31 - fax

Time of working: Monday-Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.

Rector of the University – Lyzikov Anatoly Nikolaevich

Rector of the University, Lyzikov Anatoly Nikolaevich

General information:
The Gomel State Medical University was founded in 1990. In year of 2010 the University obtained accreditation certifying the correspondence of the available educational programs to International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

At present more than 3500 students study at 4 Faculties.

- Faculty of General Medicine
- Faculty of Medical Diagnostics
- Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students
- Faculty of Pre-university training

The training is performed in the following specialties:
- General Medicine;
- Preventive Medicine;
- Medical Diagnostics.

More than 400 foreign students from 18 countries of the world (India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon and other) study at the Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students. The graduates are qualified as physicians and conferred the title of Doctor of Medicine. International citizens may also take preliminary or Russian-language courses at the Faculty. The graduates have a possibility to continue their studies in magistracy, clinical residency or take a postgraduate course in practically every medical specialty.
The University has at its disposal 5 campuses, 35 Departments on the premises of 16 clinics and hospitals (including Republican Research Centre for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology, Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiologic Dispensary, Gomel Regional Clinical Oncolohic Dispensary and other), and Central Research Laboratory.

The teaching process is organized by highly skilled teachers, of them more than 50% have degrees:
- 11 professors;
- 16 MDs;
- 76 PhDs;
- 109 candidates of science.

The training cost for 2011/2012 academic year will make up:
Russian medium – USD 3550
English medium – USD 3150
Preliminary courses – USD 1700
Russian-language courses (6 months) – USD 1200
Russian-language courses (3 months) – USD 600

Clinical residency is type of training of high-quality physicians, specialists at the clinical departments of the University. The main objectives of the clinical residency is to train highly skilled personnel from among foreign citizens. The physicians from eight countries of the world (India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon) get training at the clinical residency and get an in-depth study course at the Departments of the University. The main objective of the in-depth study course for the physicians is to adopt new methods, technologies and professional skills. By the results of the final attestation and after passing the qualification examination a clinical resident is issued a Certificate in accordance with a set form.

The appropriate training cost per one academic year in the clinical residency of the University:
therapeutic specialties – USD 2350, (for citizens of Russian Federation — USD 810);
surgical specialties – USD 2650, (for citizens of Russian Federation — USD 810).
The appropriate cost of an in-depth study course for a physician from among foreign citizens for 5 months makes up USD 600.
The appropriate training cost per one academic year for postgraduate students:
therapeutic specialties – USD 2750,
surgical specialties – USD 3050.

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